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Palestine Chronicle: Latest Updates and Around the Clock Coverage

Latest Update: More Internationals at Arafat’s office; Sharon to deliver speech; suicide bombing in Tel Aviv; mass protests in Arab countries; Belgian states cut ties with Israel; Israel mobilizes 20,000 more soldiers. Read below:
Around the Clock Update:

-Two states in Belgium including Brussels cut their diplomatic ties with Israel as mass protests continued to swamp the country. Jordan and Egypt are yet to cut their diplomatic ties with Israel. Jordanian foreign minister, Al Imashar said that his country would take serious measures against Israeli if the latter doesn’t end its siege of Ramallah. He added that the personal safety of the Palestinian President is a red line that Israel should not cross.

-Israeli tanks are moving toward Qalqilia as other Palestinian areas were invaded today. Israeli tanks are also closing on the following Palestinain areas: Jenin, Nablus, Bethlehem and Qabatia.

-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is expected to speak to the Israeli people, but refuses to follow the speech with a press conference.

-Suicide bombing in Haifa kills 14 Israelis and wound many more. The suicide bombing is the third of its kind in three days in Israel. The Hamas military wing, Izz Al Din Al Qassam declared responsibility for the attack saying that the attack came as revenge for the killing of many Palestinians in cold blood and the siege of Palestinian cities.

-Palestinian fighter was killed after penetrating a Jewish settlement, Ifrat in Nablus. Two settlers were wounded.

-Israel called on 20,000 reserves to join the largest military assault in the history of Israel launched against the Palestinian people.

-12 internationals, mostly French joined President Arafat in his besieged headquarters in Ramallah after confronting Israeli tanks. The internationals, refused to leave.

-Israel called on all journalists to leave Ramallah immediately. It’s believed that such order was a result of the impact the media has played in exposing the tragedies currently taking place in the city.

-An American journalist was shot and wounded by Israeli troops in Ramallah. He is currently in a Ramallah hospital with moderate wounds.

-Al-Riyia hospital in Ramallah was assaulted twice today by Israeli troops. No more details are available to on the assault or whether any wounded Palestinians were kidnapped.

-80,000 students protested in Egypt and despite the thousands of Egyptian police who rushed to prevent the marches from leaving universities campuses, they made it to the centers of Cairo and Alexandria.

-Mass protests in various Arab countries continued to take place. Protesters had two main demands: cut any ties with Israel, and protect the Palestinian people.

-Palestinian officials say that Israel postponed an attack on President Yasser Arafat’s office, but didn’t dismiss the planned assault. They confirmed to Arabic media sources that an Israeli raid is expected in the early morning hours.

-An American medic is one of several internationals besieged with the Palestinian leader in his headquarters in Ramallah. Israel refuses to acknowledge the presence of the internationals at the compound.

-A top Israeli official was quoted by the Israeli media saying that Israel has no intentions of pulling its troops out of Ramallah, saying that Israel has to move forward with its plans.

-Two Palestinian men, members of the Palestinian movement Islamic Jihad were assassinated by Israel in the village of Saida in the West Bank.

-Two Palestinian men died after sustaining serious injuries when Israeli forces staged a massive attack on Ramallah. The two were shot on Friday, according to Palestinian medical sources.



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