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‘Shut Down Nepal’- 5 day Bandh from the 2nd to 6th of April

Here is the extract from the statement issued by its chairman Com. Prachanda who is also the Supreme Commander of People's Liberation Army.
-Nepalese News Service (NNS)]

The declaration of emergency in November 2001 and its further extension in February 2002 by the murderous Gyanendra-Parash Shah clique of Nepal is nothing but a desperate attempt to push the country backwards. By mutely consenting to the devious designs of this much hated ruling clique, the parliamentary parties of Nepal have finally signed their suicide statement. The scurrilous efforts of Gyanendra to some how extend the emergency amidst growing discontent within the ruling classes themselves, comes in the wake of the resounding victories of the heroic Peoples' Liberation Army (PLA) from Dang to Achham inflicting severe losses to the Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) that once was considered by ruling class as competent to crush the People's War.




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