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Tonight! Candlelight Vigil to urge Support for Palestinian rights

6:00 PM
Corner of Michigan Ave and Delaware
Chicagoans will hold a candlelight vigil Saturday evening, beginning at 6PM on March 30 outside the 4th Presbyterian Church at the corner of Delaware and Michigan Ave. as part of a national day of action in support of the Palestinian people.

-The action was scheduled originally to coincide with international observances of ‘Land Day’, an annual day of remembrance by Palestinians and their supporters of a 1976 protest against Israeli land confiscation in which six Palestinians were killed and hundreds more injured and jailed. The focus of the event has been shifted to oppose Israel's most recent incursions into Palestinian territory, which escalated dramatically on Friday.

Participants are calling for an end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, an end to Israeli military and settler violence against Palestinians, and end to U.S. aid to Israel, and for support the right of return for Palestinian refugees whose land and property has been seized by the Israeli government, military and settlers.

Organizers are calling on supporters to demand that the Bush Administration stop tacitly sanctioning Israeli violence and stop impeding the full implementation of international law and United Nations resolutions calling for an end of the Israeli occupation and the Right of Return for the Palestinian people.

Saturday's vigil is sponsored by the Palestine Solidarity Group and the Palestine Aid Society.

Endorsers include the Chicago Islamic Center, the International Socialist Organization, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and the Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism.



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