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G20 Raids & Other News (Toronto)

Reports are coming in fast and 
furious into the Alternative Media Centre about house raids and 
pre-emptive arrests of key organizers in the G20 resistance. It appears 
as if the Integrated Security Unit is deploying a pre-planned sweep of 
known activists.
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Police visited two houses in Toronto's westend early this morning. In
one, a warrant was not initially shown; when police later produced it, they did not allow those being arrested to read it.
Later this morning, police rounded up 13-15 community organizers from 
Montreal. This morning, Syed Hussan, spokesperson for the Toronto 
Community Mobilization Network was 
arrested on his way to a press conference to discuss the roundup of 
activists and organizers by police.

This wave of pre-emptive arrests follows increasing aggression and 
violence by police against activists, demonstrators, journalists and 
citizens. Yesterday, Emomotimi Azorbo, a deaf man unrelated to G20 
organizing, was beaten and arrested because he did not hear police 
commands to stay off the road. Azorbo was handcuffed, preventing him 
from communicating with officers, who also refused his friend Saron 
Gebresellasi's offer to interpret. To date, Azorbo has been refused 
an American Sign Language interpreter in the temporary jail where G20 
arrestees are being  held. While trying to film the Azorbo's violent 
arrest, Jesse Freeston, of the Real News Network, was punched in the face twice by police.

As the day of action unfolds today, things are quiet at the Alternative Media Centre. Neighbours are stopping 
by to offer support and donate food. Others are dropping in to say hello
before heading to the action.  A few journalists are here working on 
stories, while others take phone calls from the heart of the action and 
post up-to-the minute reports via Twitter (using the #hashtag 
#g20report). We are hearing about police lines forming, police & 
camera crews donning gas masks, and activists getting beaten as they 
head south toward the fence.

Twitter remains the unofficial backchannel of the G20, as the 
activists, organizers, media and the police tweet rapidly from the midst
of the demonstration.



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