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This is a communique I received from a friend who is urging us to heighten our attention toward Vieques. It includes a sample letter to his Representative. PEACE FOR THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE!


I hope this finds you well. I am sending this out to family and friends. The
US Navy is expected to resume bombing on Vieques this month (April),
undoubtedly under the pretext of "national security". The people of Vieques
have asked for supporters all over to put pressure on the Bush
administration to stop the bombing and get out of Vieques. Apparently, there
has been a rather disturbing sign of stepped up repression on the island--
the police have warned locals there that they are not even permitted to
approach the Navy zone. Please pass the word to other comrades, family, and
friends-- tell them to call or write the white house in protest and (even
more importantly) to contact their representative and senators, asking them
to contact the Bush administration in protest.


Yours in struggle,


Here is a sample letter that I wrote to my senator.

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I hope that this message finds you in good health. I am high school teacher
in the Palo Alto region who recently settled here and will be registering to
vote within this district. I am writing you regarding the US Navy's
occupation and use of Vieques, Puerto Rico as a range to test out bombs and
military weapons. As you must be aware, the occupation and bombing has
provoked wide-spread, non-violent resistance from the people of Vieques who
have unequivocally demanded for the Navy to cease bombing, clean up the
island, and leave. A clear majority of the people hold this position.
Unfortunately, the Bush adminsitration has not been responsive to this
legitimate demand. On the contrary, bombing of Vieques is expected to resume
this month (April). Police authorities on Vieques have warned locals that
they will be arrested for simply approaching the Navy zone, even if they do
not directly tresspass. I urge you to write and/or call the President and
let him know taht you stand with the people of Vieques in demanding that the
bombing stop, that the Navy cleans up its mess (including major soil
contamination), and leaves the island. If this is truly a "national
security" issue, as alleged, then let the Navy find an area that is within
US borders proper and that does not violate the wishes of local residents.

Thank you for your concern.

Seth Donnelly



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