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Another Chicago Nazi rally THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 30!

Got this from There is some other info about other rallies too.
According to sources, Thomas Detkiewicz of the SteelFront
Polish-American branch of the WCOTC announced that there will be another rally outside the Public Library in Chicago THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 30. Again this is supposed to be at Belmont Ave at the same Chicago public
that Matt Hale was supposed to speak at, didn't and instead called a rally he failed to show his face at. Detkiewicz said that this will happen "without it letting be known to the public or the
ahead of time. That is why you must all keep this information to
youselfs (sic)
to other trusted comrades." Oh, we will Tommy. We will.

Matt Hale has announced two public meetings in the next two months. On April 20 (Hitler's Birthday, and already a busy day as it is with Aryan Nations possibly in York, and the anti-IMF rallies in DC), Hale will return to the Peoria, IL Public Library Basement Auditorium. This was the place last year where he was brained with a 2x4 and all hell broke loose between opposing sides. It will take place from 2-4 PM. Then on May 4th, Hale will be in Yorktown, Va at the York County Public Library. No word yet on what anti-racist groups will be doing, but we will keep you posted. ?
We have some more information about the Aryan Nations Rally in York, PA on April 20. Reportedly, Aryan Nations wanted to reserve a banquet hall in a hotel in York, but was denied. They instead reserved the Oak Timbers Picnic Area at the Rocky Ridge County Park. Dick Butler and Co. reportedly will be meeting there at 9am. From Rte 30, take Mt. Zion Road (Tre 24). Turn right onto Deininger Rd and follow the signs into the park. They are even providing camping there for people who couldn't get hotel reservations.
Another hiccup for them though--and anyone who goes to the park for anything else other than to celebrate Earth Day. Yes,you read us correctly. Aryan Nations' permit has been
denied for that day at that spot, and the park has been reserved for an Earth Day event. They and anyone else who shows had better have a desire to save the environment or they will be arrested. No word yet as to what Aryan Nations plan from here.
On May 11, there will be demonstrations against National Alliance's rally outside the Israeli Embassy in DC. For more information, keep watch on this page or feel free to contact us.
FRANKFORT, KY--The State Journal, a newspaper in Kentucky, has offered a $500 reward to anyone who can
determine who has been trespassing on State Journal property, putting racist stickers on their newspaper racks and inserting material of the World Church of the Creator in the Buyer's Guide, a publication of the State Journal. If you have any information, feel free to contact them at:
State Journal
P. O. Box 368
Frankfort, KY 40602
(502) 227-4556
info (at)



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