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Barricada January Out Now

Barricada January Out Now
Barricada January Now Available

The January issue of Barricada, the monthly magazine of the Barricada Collective, is now available. The Barricada Collective is a non-sectarian organization of anti-authoritarian revolutionaries, open to tendencies ranging from simple anarchist, to anarcho-syndicalist, to autonomist, to council-communist and everything in between.This month's issue includes...

-4 Arrested at Leonard Peltier March
-Thousands Oppose Haider in Italy; Confront Police
-Barricada Statement on Anti-Sweatshop Protests in Boston
-Revolutionaries Clash with Police in Nice
-International Anarchist Statement for EU Summit
-Klan Bloodied and Humiliated in Skokie, Illinois

-The Mass Media and Revolution

-CNT Militant Murdered in Madrid
-Anarchist Prisoners Legal Aid Network and the ABCF Warchest
-Rob Los Ricos in Solitary

Mobilization and Recreation:
-Poor People's Day in Atlanta
-Angelic Upstarts/Street Troopers Tour
-Information for Inauguration Day Demonstration
-A Call for an Organized Revolutionary Presence in Washington on January
20th, 2001.

Also still available are Barricada November and December, with news from around the world, commentary articles on Yugoslavia, Plan Colombia, the US elections, and much more.

Barricada can be ordered by writing to

PO Box 73
Boston, MA 02133

Or by emailing us at
barricadacollective (at)

While we are constantly in need of economic contributions due to printing and mailing costs, we are nonetheless willing to send free copies to individuals and organizations so that they can familiarize themselves with the magazine and then decide whether or not they wish to support it economically. Therefore, if you would like to receive Barricada but for some reasons can't help us out economically, please do not hesitate to ask us.

However, if you do wish to make a financial contribution please send either a money order (Preferred), concealed cash, or a check with "Pay to the order of..." blank to our PO Box address.

You can also subscribe to Barricada at the price of 10$ for 6 issues (US and Canada), 15$ Western Europe, or _$ for a supporters subscription.
(For all other countries subscription please enquire by mail or email)
We are also open to trades with other publications

Lastly we would like to remind everyone that we accept submissions as well as ads for upcoming events.

Revolutionary Greetings,
The Barricada Collective



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