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The Mideast Body Count

Since Sharon instigated the latest round of violence 1625 human beings have been killed
Since Ariel Sharon instigated the latest round of violence between Palestinians and Israelis 18 months ago, 1625 human being have been killed-- 1265 Palestinians and 360 Israelis. About 22,000 more have been injured and 20% of those will never walk again.

As in all modern wars, most of the victims who are targeted and killed on both sides are civilians. That is something war-lovers and war profiteers do not care about.

Last December, the U.S. was the only country on the UN Security Council to vote against the resolution that condemned both Israeli and Palestinian terrorism. That unfortunate vote has only encouraged Sharon and other warmongers to do more killings.

If Arafat, who has had most of his infrastructure destroyed by the brutal Israeli military and who is now a virtual prisoner is to be held responsible for all Palestinian terrorism, we should equally also hold Sharon responsible for all the Israeli terrorism. Certainly, Sharon is in a much stronger position to control the people on his side of the fence.

For the past 40 years, all American presidents have criticized the Israeli right-wing, illegal settlement policy. Despite this fact and despite the fact that Americans politicians has given over $100 billions of our tax dollars to the Israelis, they have continued to thumb their noses at us.

A more balanced and rational foreign aid policy in the Mideast would be welcomed by most of the world, and this would lead to a reduction in hate and terrorism against Americans.



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