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Enron sends California garbage

March 20, 2002, 11:16PM
Reuters News Service

WASHINGTON -- California prosecutors say that when they pried open 940 boxes of documents subpoenaed from bankrupt energy giant Enron Corp., they made a surprising discovery.

"What we found were discarded Kleenexes, old pizza boxes, garbage," California Attorney General Bill Lockyer told reporters.
On March 11, Lockyer said he and a team of lawyers arrived at the offices of Enron's utility subsidiary in Portland, Ore. Lockyer expected to find subpoenaed documents related to Enron's California electricity sales.

A California judge will rule next week on whether Enron should be held in contempt for its action, he said.

From the 940 boxes, "we got one piece of paper, one document, in response to our subpoena," Lockyer said.

Enron has incensed California politicians by ignoring a subpoena and failing to appear last month at a state Senate panel hearing on document destruction. Lockyer won a court order in January requiring Enron to preserve all paper and electronic documents subpoenaed by state officials.



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