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nazi/anti-nazi rally in chicago

video coverage of nazi/anti-nazi rally in chicago on march 23, 2002
i've created a video sequence of footage gathered from a the nazi/anti-nazi rally that occured mid-day on saturday, march 23rd. during the height of their numbers, there were probably 250-300 protesters on the sidewalk outside the Jewel shouting down 15 nazis.  The nazis had originally planned to have Matt Hale lecture in the Portage Public Library across the street.  When the library discovered that Hale's lecture was not going to be about "Medieval Eastern-European History" (the theme he had booked the space with) they denied him their location and the nazis showed up with signs that "Chicago Public Library Renegers".   The shouting match lasted approximately two hours (replete with a mass mooning by the anti-nazi protesters) and eventually the white supremecists were escorted away by police.  Shortly thereafter as the crowd dispersed, one of the more vocal activists was grabbed by police for stepping outside the barracade they had set up earlier.  At which time protesters aggitated the police, condemning them as "fascists" and "worse than the nazis".  



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