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Organizing Meeting with Anna Mustafa

organizing meeting with Anna Mustafa
Justice for Anna Mustafa

Tues, April 2nd 7pm
University Church 2nd Floor
57th and University
(773) 377-5002 x5676 or hpstopwar (at)

On December 28th Anna Mustafa was on her way to the Middle East to attend
her father's funeral when at O'Hare Airport she was pulled aside for no
discernable reason accept that she is Arab. She was interrogated and
verbally harassed by Chicago police and charged with three felony counts of
"disorderly conduct". This kind of illegal racial profiling on the basis of
religion and ethnicity has led to the detention of thousands of Muslims and
Arab Americans and Arab nationals across the country. Anna's nightmare did
not end there--she was also illegally suspened without pay and then fired
from her job, with no due process, with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of
Cook County ( in clear violation of her union contract).
Anna Mustafa has lived in Chicago for 43 years and has been a pillar of the
Chicago community. She was the first Arab American appointed by Mayor
Richard Daley to serve as a member of the Chicago Board of Education.

Come to this meeting to hear Anna tell her story and join in her fight to have these trumped up charges dropped and her job with the city of Chicago reinstated.



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