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Pics from WCOTC Heckle Fest 2002

Were, all in cages............ (article 5)
It was wonderfull to see everybody there togeather, working in harmony.......Seriously kidz lets get along all the internal attacks smell like pinkertons, and its no way to treat your commrades. Theres not you vs. us, just US all one, UNITED. The close up is of a really cute guy, who Id love to find his name and number, mabey we could hook up, and that van is awsome, does anyone know whos it is, id love to buy it and take that cutr guy in the hood in it and show him a good time, Go.......RED SQUAD.......Go....HOME........!!!!!!!!!!!! I appologize for not having any pics of the NAZIS, not they deserve to be on here any way, but we need to keep an eye on whos, who,. so Ill have a short video of them squeeling like pigs..............Peace, all



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