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Good Friday Vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty

Northwest suburban activists will hold a vigil to abolish the death penalty on Good Friday, March 29th.
On Good Friday, March 29th, members of Amnesty International
Group 259 and representatives from local faith communities will once again demonstrate that there are progressives in
the northwest suburbs of Chicago. An "Interfaith Vigil to
Abolish the Death Penalty" will be held from 3pm - 5:30 pm
at Volunteer Plaza in Palatine. The plaza is located at
Northwest Highway (Route 14) and Hicks Road. Immediately
following the vigil there will be a prayer circle for anyone
wishing to participate.

The group held a similiar vigil last year with approximately
40 individuals involved throughout the duration of the event. The local newspapers provided great coverage of that vigil that served notice to local politicians that there are
death penalty abolitionists in their districts.

The Palatine Police Department and village officials have,
thus far, been cooperative. They are, however,requiring a "parade permit" for the March 29th event. They are also advising organizers that there is an "unofficial" limit of 40 people allowed to take part in the vigil at any point. Members of Amnesty International Group 259 would be more than pleased to "test" this point and invite participation by anyone opposed to the death penalty. If you have family, friends, co-workers or other contacts in the northwest suburbs----please alert them regarding this protest.

Anyone interested in joining in this action is asked to bring posters calling for abolition of the death penalty.
A "special emphasis" will be placed on the "Death Row 10"
during the vigil and in media outreach. These ten men are
prisoners on Illinois death row that were beaten and tortured into making false confessions by former Chicago
Police Commander Jon Burge and detectives under his command.
In 1993, Burge was forced into early retirement but he along
with his subordinates was never charged with their crimes despite extensive coverage by the Chicago news media. Burge
now spends his time fishing from his boat in Florida while
the "Death Row 10" along with their families continue to suffer.

For further details on the Good Friday Interfaith Vigil to
Abolish the Death Penalty" e-mail: amnesty259 (at)



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