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IMC-Palestine Now Online!

IMC-Palestine, the first independent media center in the Arab world, is now online. A remarkable accomplishment - since the project was organized by Palestinian media activists working in difficult conditions under a brutal military occupation.

About IMC-Palestine.

The Independent Media Center - Palestine, was founded to record and explore the current practices of the Israeli occupation and the real background to the conflict. For the first time this will be a truly free forum for the Palestinian people who choose to participate. The unique characters in our voluntary group come from many parts of Palestine but the majority are refugees from areas now occupied by Israel.

The reality of life for the Palestinians is constantly changing and the current Intifada has made the experiences here even more dramatic. Therefore through this website we will do our best to show through humanistic, rather than just journalistic, writing the intricate picture that is our life.

Our mission is to help Palestinian activists organise, motivate and inform. We want to help people develop the art of story telling and debate. We want to be a catalyst for those stories to reach into other media and parts of the planet. We want to break down barriers and encourage the flow of information from people with both good and bad stories to tell, to the people we know are out there who want to hear them. We want to create a physical and virtual space that creates a sense of achievement and reflection but is vibrant and open enough to attract people who are interested in activism; while remaining practical and focussed to encourage all people in our audience to contribute.

We welcome and encourage all people to participate in discussions, post stories, pictures etc. We encourage well thought out pieces rather than submissions reflecting the anger and racism that we live with everyday.

IMC-Palestine's unique logo

The IMC-Palestine logo was constructed around the image of of Hanthala, a barefoot, 10 year old Palestinian child from a refugee camp whose face is always turned away from the reader. Created by the late Naji al-Ali, arguably the most beloved progressive cartoonist of the Arab world, Hanthala has come to symbolize all that is the Palestinian experience and the Palestinian struggle.

Read more about Hanthala and Naji al-Ali here




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