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Isidor's Letter To His Mentor: Ari Fleischer

Isidor implores his mentor, Mr. Ari Fleischer, to write him a nice speech, just like the ones he writes for Mr. Bush.

Isidor's Letter To His Mentor: Ari Fleischer

Hi fiends...I mean friends....

Hello enemies too...

Hello Mr. CIA, Mr. FBI, good day Mr. NSA, hello Mr. President, Mr.
Cheney, dear congressmen, fellow Americans, democrats, republicans,

And Dear Mister Fleischer,

Would you write me a nice speech too...?
Mine are so boring...I'd really like to learn how to write speeches and
answer questions the way you do. I've been practicing since last april
and nobody seems to care whether I write or die. At least it seems that

I think they'd prefer me to go away or change my style or something...
What do you think Ari? Can you write me the kind of speech you write for
Mr. Bush...? Just once...?

My popularity is in the toilet and Mr. Bush's's
sky-rocketing! He's blowing away all the competition. He's such a

I've been a looser most of my life.

That's why I sometimes want to slap you around silly...because you...
You have everything.

You have the best country in the world, the greatest super power in
history, the best of athletes, scientists, scholars, programmers,
leaders and actors...

You have a family, friends, wealth, influence, fame, fortune, a nice
religion, security, protection plans, infinite justice, enduring
freedom, smart bombs, stealth airplanes, battleships, tanks a lot, the
best guns,....etc....etc.....

You have it all!

You even have hundreds of thousands of American soldiers willing and
able to go and defend your life-style clear across the globe...!
I'm in awe before such power...

I guess it's all in the way he uses those words that you put in his
mouth. You make him sound like Superman...or even Jesus...

You are so amazing Mr. Fleischer, sometimes I feel like giving up
writing altogether...

Please write me a nice speech: it doesn't have to be long or anything
too fancy; just something I could post at Indymedia that everybody
would love...something that would inspire them the way your great
statesman, Mr. Bush, inspires a whole nation.

Thank you so much for listening,




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