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"Critical Mission: It's about YOU !"

"Critical Mission: It's about YOU !"
"Critical Mission: It's about YOU !"

100,000+ Recipients

Ladies and Gentleman,
fellow labor union members, and activists,

Last night in the state of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich
won the democratic primary for governor.
It is those who have chosen in life to be a
"Defender of the Faith" who have helped make this happen.

The road ahead will be rough and Rod needs your support.
Some of you may ask, "Why does this affect me if I am not even
a resident of Illinois ?"
Here is why...
The governor's mansion down in Springfield, Illinois has been ruled
by pro-corporate anti-union republican forces for the last 26 years.
By changing this, a message, clear cut and dry, will be sent right
to the White House, and around the globe, that it is the PEOPLE,
the WORKERS, and PEOPLE like you and I who need to be
represented, not just the corporate ruling elite.

We must trust the in the guidance of people like Margaret Blackshere,
President of the IL AFL-CIO.

The foe Rod stands up against is Republican Attorney General
Jim Ryan, a well noted friend of George W. Bush.
It was only several months ago that Jim Ryan made an attempt
to prohibit the freedom of assembly and picketing by labor
union members and under anti-terrorist legislation.

I am personally very proud to have assisted Rod in his efforts
which resulted in his victory last night.
Knowing Rod personally, Rod has chosen in life to represent
us as a "Defender of the Faith".
Rod is a warm hearted caring person...PEOPLE like YOU and I.
Rod Blagojevich is the type of man we all would like to see
in the White House instead.

Over the past several years, I have made all reasonable attempts
to personally assist any cause or organization in any possible
manner that I could.
At this time, I kindly ask that you commit yourselves, and ask
you organizations, friends, and fellow activists to help out
in this struggle.

He now have the most generous opportunity to promote
positive change, with the proper balance being restored back
in the hands of the people.

Remember, it is not where you live. It is the powerful message
we are capable of delivering to the White House, the nation,
and around the globe, that YES, We the People deserve
proper representation, not a policy of Profits before People.

Please forward this to a few friends.

Thanks, and God Bless.
In Solidarity,

Blagojevich for IL Governor:
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