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Economist Marco Biagi murdered in Bologna

Economist Marco Biagi murdered in Bologna
Tonight, around 9 p.m., Marco Biagi, economist and collaborator of the labour minister, was murdered in Bologna. According to the first investigations, two men shot him dead in front of his home.
Biagi was collaborating with the government on a revision of the article 18 of the "Statuto dei lavoratori", a part of the workers act which regulate dismissing. This article aroused a strong debate in the whole country, and in fact the largest union, CGIL, has called for a general strike and a demonstration in Rome the next saturday (march 23rd); around 1.000.000 people were expected to take part to it.
In the mean time, the italian government officials and their parties are already talking of a fresh outbrake of terrorism, accusing the so-called no-globals, unions and left parties of holding a part of the responsability in the murder because of the intensification of the protests against the government's labour politics.



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