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Rally for Mass Transit - Labor Beat on YouTube

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Photos: Gary Brooks / Labor Beat
Rally for Mass Transit, Jan 20, 2010
Rally for Mass Transit
Chicago, Jan. 20, 2010

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Chicago Transit Authority union members and CTA transit users protested in front of the CTA headquarters on Wednesday, January 20. The ongoing and future threatened cuts by the CTA management will double wait times for bus riders, cut service to low income/minority areas, overcrowd buses and trains, to mention only a few serious effects. Speeches and interviews from Marcellus Barnes, International VP, Amalgamated Transit Union; Debbie Pittman, Concerned Citizens of Paratransit; Carlos Acevedo, Asst. Business Agent, ATU Local 241; Michael Simmons, Recording Sec., ATU Local 241; Diane Simons, ATU 241 member. 8 minutes.

Produced by Labor Beat. Labor Beat is a CAN TV Community Partner. Labor Beat is a non-profit 501(c)(3) member of IBEW 1220. Views are those of the producer Labor Beat. For info: mail (at), 312-226-3330. For other Labor Beat videos, visit Google Video, YouTube, or and search "Labor Beat".


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