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Anti-Nazi protest Saturday

ARA calls 1:30 PM protest to stop Nazi Matt Hale-Sat. March 23
Update -- Shut Down the WCOTC This Saturday!

The meeting planned by white supremacist Matt Hale and his World Church
of the Creator at the Chicago Public Library branch was cancelled by
the library/city. The nazis still plan to hold a protest, however, at the
same time and place. So we still urge everyone to come out and shut
this fascist rally down!!!

Where: 5108 W. Belmont
When: This Saturday, March 23rd. Gather to occupy the space at 1:30 pm.
The nazis plan to rally at 3pm.

We have a trilingual flyer (english, polish, spanish) available for
download at:
(note that this flyer does not reflect the recent developments, but
should still be useful)

Come prepared!

Anti-Racist Action Chicago
ara_chicago (at)



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