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New Activist Discussion Board

At the prompting of several individuals, I have created a discussion board for Chicago activists.
Basically, I've seen the need expressed many times for some sort of board where people can take all of those philosophical discussions, inspirations, observations, criticisms, whatever - even jokes - that don't fit well into political listservs or that get so involved that they don't fit well (physically, that is) into a site like Chicago Indymedia. This is the place to put that stuff that might try people's patience anywhere else. I only ask that you not post your 10,000 word rant that you've been storing on the hard drive : the board *is* a discussion board, and it doesn't work all that well when people use it as they would a free web server - you can easily get a web page for that sort of thing.

I sense that what people are looking for is some posting by activist humans as *humans*, and not as spokespeople for an organization. We're not looking for announcements or impersonal communiques and the sort of thing you can get from mailing lists. So, it's going to be more informal, maybe a little more personal. I'd like to encourage personal expression among activists.

I'm not even sure of the shape this board will take, what sort of discussions we will have. There are a few discussions up there already for starters, but we need some new life there. There are some discussions about class issues, and maybe one or two other things, but feel free to start a new thread about something that's been on your mind, whether it's good or bad. I'd also like to see some discussion about bringing creativity and vitality into our work.

A word on moderation: all of the boards on this server have to have a moderator. I intend to not use my moderation capacities unless someone floods the board with posts, making it hard for others to contribute, or unless we get attacked by right-wing trolls and other abusive nuts. Anonymous posting is certainly allowed and encouraged if it helps you to feel more free in your writing. If you think I'm out of line in my moderating, please tell me, and eventually, I hope to share the duties, but really, I don't intend to do that much moderating. I'm only there because I'd like to see this happen. If you have any questions about using the board, feel free to ask!

Hope to see some of you there! Play nice!



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