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"My Personal Dream"

"My Personal Dream"
Since 1998, I have had a personal dream.
A dream of creating an online community of
labor union activists around the globe.
People getting connected and people working together.
What might lead to solidarity in the streets and among workers.
Something positive for the union.

Since 1998, I have had dreams of a "Picnic Surprise".
All before 5000 sheet metal worker family members.
Something new and creative. A new gimmick.
A rally with guest speakers with the theme:
"Working Families for Union Solidarity"
Guest speakers like Margaret Blackshere, Tim Leahy,
Stuart Acuff, Nelson Soza, the SMWIA General President,
and maybe more. Maybe Rod Blagojevich....
All captured on photos, pictures and streaming video
on the internet, to set an example to other unions,
the membership, and the general public for future generations.
Even folks like Larry Duncan, Indy Media, and CAN TV
reporting the event.

I know how foolish this concept really is now, for
the following reasons:
* The AFL-CIO folks, so pro-union, might demand Sunday
double-time or something.
* Our union might look like we really have the bull by the horns.
* Our union president might appear just a little too powerful.
* Chicago might appear like the labor hub of the nation.
* The opposition movement might just be a little too intimidated.
* Non-union workers, scabs, and anti-union crusaders might
feel discriminated against.
* The families might go home at the end of the day feeling just
a little bit too good about being a union family.
* A pro-union message to the nation might simply not be necessary
since we have such a labor sympathetic president in the White House.
* Our union leadership might not care about getting re-elected anyway.
* It might rain that day.

Now I had planned on proposing this up on the microphone
at the next union meeting. I would probably be laughed at
and told to pack my bags and go take another trip with the
steelworkers to Washington D.C. or something.

So, why really bother working on coordinating dreams ?
Maybe nobody is interested anyways.
But, then again, stranger things HAVE happened....

In Solidarity,

Blagojevich for IL Governor:
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