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IMC/Chicago: Next Meeting

The next Chicago/IMC meeting is
January 28 at Casa Guatemala
Suite 219 - 4554 North Broadway
Phone: 773-334-9101
Working groups and newcomer intro: 3:30pm
General Meeting starts: 4pm
The next meeting of Chicago's Indy Media Center will be

January 28th at
Casa Guatemala, Suite 219
4554 North Broadway Avenue, Chicago.
Phone: 773-334-9101

Future meetings will be held on the second and fourth Sundays of each month: Feb 11, Feb 25, Mar 11, Mar 25, Apr 8, Apr 22 (save these dated now).

Members of the working groups are asked to arrive at 3.30 PM for discussions. Those looking for an introduction to the C-IMC are also invited to come at this time for a briefing on our work and how you can participate.

The general meeting will commence at 4 PM.



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