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MEET TONITE TO PLAN TO GREET Georgey W. tomorrow!!

Georgy W. is coming to Chi-town tomorrow for the St. Pat's parade. Come to DePaul tonite to plan our greeting!
Chicago! Here's our chance to tell GW himself, and everyone around him, what we think -- and to ask him some questions...

A meeting has been called to organize, paint, make puppets, etc. tonight (Friday 3/15) at 6pm at DePaul University's Lincoln Park campus (Fullerton/Kenmore, Fullerton el), in the Shmitt Academic Center (SAC), in the "SAC pit" -- ask anyone on campus, s/he'll know where it is. The exact address is something like 2208 N. Kenmore.

Bring your ideas, what you'd like to say to our fearless leader and infinitely just king Dubbyah, bring your ideas, your love, your anger, your justice, your paint, your markers, your staplers, your posters, everything we'll need to roll out the red carpet Chicago style...

For more info, contact shshsh (at)



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