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Urgent Action for All Inaugural Protestors!

Urgent action alert from DC based Justice Action Movement, who along with the AIC and other groups are coordinating logistics for counterinaugural actions in DC
Urgent Action for All Inaugural Protesters!

The Joint Congressional Inaugural Committee (JCIC) is
giving free tickets for the Bleachers along
Pennsylvania Avenue and for the Swearing-In Ceremony
on National Mall. It's a little known requirement
that you need tickets at the InaugurAuction because
spokespeople for the JCIC are saying to the media that
these places are open to public, however they don't
say you need a ticket. Because of the ticket
requirement, these spaces will only be open to the
public with tickets.

All of Pennsylvania Avenue will be surrounded by
bleachers! Therefore this ticket requirement is being
challenged by our lawyers…

…but in the meantime WE MUST TAKE ACTION.

Immediately request tickets for your affinity group by
faxing a note to the JCIC at 202-772-0410 or

Give your name, address, phone, email and fax number.
Also specify how many tickets you want. I.E. - the
International Action Center Requested 3000. JAM is
requesting 1000 (I'm sending the note today).

You will be able to bring banners and signs onto the
bleachers, as well as puppets and other message
materials. As it stands now the JCIC is doing all it
can to ensure demonstrators are as far away from the
Inaugural Parade route as possible. Lets fight these
dirty tricks against our speech.

Send your request today!



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