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Time to STAND UP !

Time to STAND UP !
Over the past year, I have been met with resistance in my
union by both the leadership and membership in my fight
against "Fast Track" and the "FTAA", especially since the Sept. 11th
crisis, opposition to these issues was interpreted as unpatriotic
or communist.

The other day on the job site, I was given a special gift by
a fellow sheet metal worker.
It was a printed copy of some e-mail sent to him.
Yes my friends, I do believe the message is beginning to be heard
both down at the union meetings and on the job site.

You may view the scanned pages. I believe it explains everything
to those who use "patriotism" as an excuse not to join the fight.

Please forward this to someone you may know who feels this way.

In Solidarity, and Union YES !

Blagojevich for IL Governor:
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