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Hiding The Truth About 'Star Wars'

No Need To Lie

"This certainly has the appearance of a well-orchestrated
fraud," MIT physicist Theodore Postal, a critic of the ‘Star Wars’
missile defense program, told The Boston Globe last week. Postal
was reacting to a just-released General Accounting Office report
documenting how, in a 1997 test, missile defense contractors
Boeing and TRW manipulated data to make a failure look like a
Also last week, the Union of Concerned Scientists released an
analysis of a January 25 anti-missile test that defense contractor
Raytheon said "demonstrated the capability" of sea-based missile
defense systems. "This is clearly not true," concluded UCS analyst
David Wright, who detailed the test’s many shortcomings.
The GAO and UCS reports show how the ‘Star Wars’ program
depends on rigged tests and overstated successes to justify its
existence. But such tactics may no longer be needed: Defense
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has now exempted the Missile Defense
Agency from normal oversight and accountability.
The agency "will not be subject to traditional reporting
about program timelines and costs. And many of its testing efforts
will be free from oversight by the Pentagon’s test evaluation
office," Bradley Graham reported in The Washington Post on
February 16.
Several members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff "expressed
reservations" when briefed by Rumsfeld on the new exemptions,
Graham reported. But no matter -- Rumsfeld granted his special
dispensation anyway.
So, as Pentagon generals give defense contractors an
estimated QUARTER-OF-A-TRILLION TAX DOLLARS to chase the ‘Star
Wars’ fantasy over the next decade, there won’t be any need to lie
about it’s failures.
President Bush has decided to let them hide the truth.

Published: Mar 12 2002



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