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Photos of Palestinian execution/Israeli soldiers

Controversy over 'execution' pictures
Eleven photographs taken by an amateur photographer from his window in east Jerusalem have caused outrage in the Arabic media, which allege they show the summary execution of a Palestinian militant. (article 1)
Israeli police said the man was a would-be suicide bomber who they were forced to kill to prevent him from detonating a "large explosive device" strapped to his waist.

The AFP news agency - which published the graphic, but inconclusive images below - said it had received the testimonies of more than 10 eyewitnesses, who said the man was shot half-an-hour after his arrest when he was completely subdued.

Israeli police are first pictured arresting 23-year-old suspected suicide bomber Mahmud Salah (centre) and another man

Salah - who was on a bombing mission for the militant al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade - is brought to the ground by a police

The other detainee is led away but Salah is kept on the tarmac

This photo appears to belie an official statement saying police only opened fire when Salah refused to remove his overcoat

A robot device then removed what was described as Salah's explosives belt



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