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St. Patrick's Day Parade - leafletting? actions?

24th annual South Side Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade

100th and Western

The famed South Side Irish Parade (arguably the United States’ largest neighborhood parade at between 200,000-300,000 watchers) features about 120 groups including bands, Irish dance schools neighborhood parishes and local businesses. The parade steps off at West 103rd Street and South Western Avenue and heads south on Western to 115th Street.
This is a call to all Irish American dissidents to represent as dissidents, radicals, 'progressives', whatever you call yourselves, at this Sunday's parade. Leafletting, flyering, costumed action, signs, 'shadow parades', what-have-you : what better place to do them than at this parade, with its **hundreds** of thousands of spectators?

Why let being Irish American in Chicago be forever associated with the Daleys (and other embarrassing Irish American politicians), machine politics, the police, the Catholic Church, plastic green hats, fake Irish frat boys puking all over the 'L', etc.? There is also a tradition of Irish American activism and radicalism in this country - let's celebrate that and make people aware of it. If you don't love Daley, come out and make some noise! If you're Irish, you have a right to be there, too!

Also, if you know of *anything* that is going on during / after the parade, this is the place to post it. Or plan it.



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