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Come to Mpls to stand against police brutality/murder!

On Sunday afternoon, March 10, A mentally ill Somali immigrant was shot 16 times by police officers. He was holding a large machete-type knife, but had not threatened anyone with it. COME SAY NO TO RACIST COPS! NO TO MURDER IN A POLICE STATE!
March for Justice for Abu Kassim Jeilani Prosecute the Police/Remove the Police Chief!!!

Rally and March Saturday, March 23rd 1:00 pm

Rally at the Corner of Franklin Ave. and Chicago Ave.(site of killing) and march to City Hall.

Sponsored by the Somali Justice Advocacy Center Press Contact: Omar Jamal (651) 602-9912

Statement by the Somali Justice Advocacy Center:

When Abu Kassim Jeilani was killed by Minneapolis Police Officers on Sunday, March 10th, he left behind a grieving wife and two children. The sixteen bullets also stole his life from his community that has struggled so hard to make a life here in Minneapolis. The Somali-American community has had one of its sons unjustly killed and this sends a dangerous and frightening message to the entire communtiy. This is something that we experienced in the civil war in Somalia, and did not expect here in the United States, a nation of laws. We, the Justice Advocacy Center, demand a full investigation of the shooting by impartial investigators, immediate suspension and prosecution of the police and the removal of the police chief.

Only the unity and collective voice for justice of all people, from all ethnic and diverse backgrounds will bring justice, we ask you to join us in these demands.

Whatever happens to any one of us will happen to us all.

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