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Jan 17: Chicago Protest to close the "new" School of the Americas

International Day of Action to Close the School of the Americas Jan, 17, 4PM - Federal Building, Chicago
On January 17, 2001, the School of Americas is scheduled to reopen its doors under the name "Western Hemisphere for Security Cooperation." BUT -- it is still the same old School of Assassins and we will work even harder to shut it down. Let's take this opportunity to create our own media events and make our voices heard throughout the land. Let the new Congress, Administration, and the Pentagon know that we are not fooled by this attempt to dissociate the SOA from its brutal history and from the violence that graduates continue to perpetrate on our sisters and brother in Latin America.

The Chicago SOA protest will follow the nonviolent tradition of the School of Americas Watch. We plan to sing the names of those who have been murdered, tortured, and disappeared by SOA graduates. We will also launch a peace paper airplane raid just as the protesters in Chiapas did this past November in their own local protest against the SOA. Please bring a votive candle for the vigil (the taller the glass, the mor immune the flame to Chicago wind), your hope, and your voice on Jan. 17th for the future of social change in the Americas.

Organizational meetings: Everyone is encouraged to organize their own affinity groups to make a showing at the protest. IL SOA also invites you to organizational meetings for the protest on Jan. 3rd at 7pm at the Loyola Ministry Center (1058 West Loyola) and on Jan. 9th at 7pm at DePaul University's Stuart Hall (corner of Clifton and Belden). We look forward to seeing you at the meetings and/or the protest!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call:

Joe Ferrara: 773-381-0720; Clara Takarabe: 773-588-5194; Mary Kay Flanagan @ 8th Day Center for Justice: 312-641-5151



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