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Incredible Gameshow at DePaul University!

Last week DePaul's anti-war group put on a "radical" gameshow with INCREDIBLE outreach success!
VICTORY! Last Thursday (3/7) marked an incredible day for the movement. Tired equally of the left's tendency to "preach to the converted" at so many of our events, as well as of that very complaint, the DePaul anti-war group decided to do something about it. What they came up with was a "radical" game show, entitled "The Price is Worth It?" and, put on last Thursday, was a massive success.

The host, dressed in a full Uncle Sam tuxedo (complete with stars and stripes top hat!) guided fellow students through a wide range of questions concerning U.S foreign policy (i.e. How many children, according to UNICEF, die each year as a direct result of the US/UN sanctions against them?"), the oil interests of the current administration (i.e. Which of the following members of the current Bush administration is a former CEO of a major oil corporation?), sweatshops (According to the Department of labor, how many U.S. based sewing shops regularly violate domestic labor codes?", Afghanistan, IMF, the World Bank and so on. The prizes given to the winners were items sanctioned in Iraq, such as toilet paper and children’s dolls. Students guffawed at the absurdity of sanctioning such items to prevent the construction of weapons of mass destruction.

The students reacted by oscillating between laughter and anger (often at first against the show, but usually later against their government). Eyes bulged out of heads and jaws dropped to the ground as students and staff alike learned of the trillions of dollars in oil and gas in the Caspian basin, the astronomical number of refugees potentially starved to death in Afghanistan and other information they had all already learned in high school and in our free press.

The host began to propose "giving it up" for our fearless leaders in Washington’s practices of "genocide," "bowing down to corporate interests" "murder" and "hypocrisy" as well as "our never, ever believing the official justification of a U.S. military intervention" and the students, most of whom would otherwise never have even looked at the left’s flyers or protests, much less read or joined them, clapped along, ironically jeering at the administration! After completing a question concerning Donald Rumsfeld, the host proposed that all the students "hiss" whenever they hear the bastard’s name...and they did!! At one point, the crown was clapping loudly, then rhythmically, as well as stomping their feet. The host asked them to "give it up" for "the fact that the black panthers had taken over the space they were in 30 years ago", and they clapped even louder and shouted out in support; he then asked them to give it up for the fact that "that was nothing compared to what we were going to do" and they clapped even louder and shouted and raised their fists in the air, at which point the host started singing "Georgy, Georgy is a fascist! Georgy, Georgy is a fascist! Georgy, Georgy is a fascist! And a fascist is Georgy!" (to the tune of "Glory, glory hallelujah!") and they joined in for three rounds!!

This event was a huge, carnivalesque success, and it is recommended highly to other schools and institutions. The word has to get out, and of the many tactics we use to get it out, this one worked, and it worked well. The group left with a full page of e-mail addresses of students who wanted to join up!

The DePaul anti-war group promises that next time it will be even wilder, complete with a horn and drum (bucket) section, the radical cheerleaders, theatre and more...

The entire game will be packaged and posted shortly on indymedia.

If anyone would like to write questions for the show, or make any suggestions, please post them here, and/or send them to kenburak (at) (host of the show, and writer of this article).



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