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[forced vaccinations] Wisconsin says "Shut Up and Take Your Medicine!"

by 10:32pm Sun Mar 10 '02
(Modified on 12:13am Mon Mar 11 '02)
address: 666 Hades St Super South (aka the USA some time during your life if you don't fix things!) phone: 666-7734 NotBillWhite (at)

Wisconsin joins the ranks of states making it a crime to not accept a vaccination when they ask you to... oh the humanity!
Like, wow! Just a year ago (before the Bush Administration used the 9/11 attacks as justification to ram shite amedown our throats), I'd have never thought this would happen in America, but here it is: Wisconsin joins Kentucky in the ranks of states which make it mandatory for you to accept vaccination. You're a criminal if you don't. Oh yeah, and some little court called The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit (heard of them?), ruled that the government could forcibly administer mind-altering drugs--even prior to trial. I guess you don't need all your wits when you're defending your "presumed innocent" little ol' self before the great and mighty court. Gawd Bless Amurca!

So, without further ado:
1. Wisconsin officially sucks.
2. And the government thinks Wisconsin rulez. This is a temp article so if the page vanishes in the near future, I will post it here.

You may read more about MEHPA, and why Mike Ruppert thinks this is happening here:
I am linking you to a cached version because is down as of this writing. And probably it will be back up but why take chances?

Oh, and CoIntelPro Tool, please keep in mind that Mike only offers a hypothesis as to why this is happening. The important thing is not that his hypothesis is correct, only that it is useful for understanding and predicting (and thus hopefully in preventing) horrendous behaviors. Also, several of us have answers to your question at
So please throw your Mike slams on that page instead of clogging this one.




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