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An experiment on indymedia -- just talking

i was thinking indymedia could be a place to talk with people. if i'm wrong i'll stop.
Just trying out an idea of how to use indymedia; i will stop if its not working...

On how to think of ways to proceeed-actions to plan:

from people i know, sometimes we forget we can try a lot of things and make mistakes. While we all have various different motivations and styles for what we do, we should all be able to follow them.

Sometimes, sue me, I just want to get together with people and make some mistakes and try different things. And sometimes, yes, sorry to say, I'd like it to involve singing. I think we could all, anyone who had an idea, just go ahead and try it.

yeah, maybe sometimes to just sing. and thats not just caricature leftism. i am concerned with whats going on in the Middle East and also in Gujarat state, and with the knowledge that billions of people are starving today, and also concerned that the guy last night with no place to live had icecicles hanging from his beard and all he wanted to do was find a liqour store.



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