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`Medieval' Policies To Be Pursued By Bush, Rev. Jesse Jackson Says

Torture, Abuse The Coming Norm Against Minorities As Bush Fights Back Against Left.
President-elect Bush's cabinet choices reveal he is planning the "systematic torture" of minorities, unlike anything seen in human history since the medieval era, according to the Rev. Jesse M. Jackson.
"The bloodbath is about to begin," says Jackson. "This will make Josef Stalin look like Martha Stewart."
Jackson predicts the return of public whippings for minorities simply accused, not convicted of crimes, and the elimination of the Miranda rights. Moreover, he sees the possibility that Bush will legalize slavery a real one.
"They want to let us know the man, the white man, is in charge again," says Jackson. "The oppressive weight of the military-industrial complex is being pressed against our necks."
In addition, Jackson says he has heard word from a reliable source that Bush is considering whether he should bring back Jim Crow laws, and, as part of his new transportation policy, whether he should make minorities ride in the back of the bus once again.
"The angel of death is upon us -- but he's no angel," said Jackson. "He's the alcoholic son of the ex-preppie president. He's the devil in an Izod shirt."
Jackson plans to protest Bush's cabinet choiced during a demonstration against the inauguration and a 'mock lynching,' to be held near the Vice President's mansion in Washington D.C. on inauguration day.
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