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Monday, 3/11: Emergency Demonstration for Palestine!

When: Monday, March 11 - 4:30 PM
Where: Tribune Plaza, 435 N. Michigan Ave.
(Rally will be followed by a short march to the Israeli Consulate)
An Israeli tank takes position after entering the West Bank city of Tulkarm, March 7, 2002. (Reuters)

On Friday, March 8, the Israeli military stepped up its ruthless war against the civilian Palestinian population throughout the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip killing an estimated 58 Palestinians and wounding hundreds, apparently in an effort to fulfill Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's threat to 'beat' the Palestinians into submission. Despite this threat, and the latest attacks, Palestinians continue to resist the occupation everywhere.

According to the latest reports, casuality figures are expected to rise as the bodies of those killed continue to lie in the streets in Tulkarm and Bethlehem where Israeli troops are preventing rescue crews from reaching them. Palestinian health care workers and ambulances have been targeted with 3 medics killed and more seriously wounded.

Now more than ever, Palestinians living - and increasingly dying - under a brutal occupation need our solidarity. US taxpayer dollars continue to underwrite Israel's brutal apartheid rule, US built weapons continue to be used to kill Palestinian kids, and the Bush Administration continues to back the Sharon regime.

Stand up for Palestine. Demand a immediate end to the Israeli occupation, halt US funding for Israeli apartheid, and support justice and independence for the Palestinian people.

(Endorsers list in formation)

Arab American Media Guild

Chicago Anti-Bashing Network

Chicago Islamic Center

Committee for a Democratic Palestine

Hammerhard Media Works

International Action Center

International ANSWER Coalition

International Socialist Organization

Islamic Association for Palestine

National Lawyers Guild - Chicago

Palestinian-American Council

Prairie Fire Organzing Committee

Worker's World Party - Chicago

8th Day Center for Justice

Bring bullhorns, signs, posters, banners, Palestinian flags, drums, noisemakers, and above else - as many people as you can reach.

Please respond ASAP if your organization would like to be listed as an endorser of this emergency mobilization. - hammerhard (at)




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