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March 28, is the date for the decision by Judge Toomin on a retrial for Aaron Patterson.
Dear Supporters,

Please attend a court decision relative to a possible retrial for a deathrow inmate--Aaron Patterson B00567, PO Box 99, Pontiac, IL 61764. We need to fill up the court room with eyes and ears to witness the court's procedures
during this case. We also need you there to demonstrate your supportfor
Aaron and justice.

Aaron Patterson, an Area 2 torture victim under Chicago Police Jon Burgeand his officers, was tortured with a "suffocation hood" to extract a confession. During the torture Aaron said, "Say anything you want," the officerswrote a confession, which is unsigned by Aaron. In addition to the officerswritten confession, the prosecutors used a witness's statement claiming Aarontold
her he did the crime. This witness recanted her statement at trail; but itwas suppressed. The witness, since and still, recants her statement. Aaron was sentenced to death in 1989 for the homicide of Victor and Rafaela Sanchez
during a home invasion and burglary. The only evidence that connects Aaron to this crime is an unsigned confession. No physical evidence linksAaron to this crime. Finger prints found in the Sanchez's house did not matchAaron's prints.

Please come to support justice with your eyes and ears at court--

Thursday, March 28, 2002
10 AM, Room 400, Judge Toomin
26th and California
Chicago, IL

Hope to see you there, Aaron Patterson Defense Committee. For more information call J. Patterson at:
(773) 643-0605.



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