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passionate advocate

repost of something that needs to be repeated. read bown yonder.
Jane Yes writes:

"Most working class African Americans share a communication style which values passionate advocacy. (For description and analysis see ethnographer Thomas Kochman's book Black and White Styles in Conflict, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1981.)

"In contrast to the prevailing assumption among white middle class people that a tone of rational, polite discussion is correct, Crystal's (the author's daughter -ed) assumption is that passionate advocacy is not about ego but is actually the most effective way of testing the merits and discovering the truth.

Higher decibels, sudden humor, dramatic body language, all unite in a style that is stimulating and searching. Moreover, passionate advocacy enables individuals both to stand up for themselves and assert connection with the other -- it's an act of engagement with the other as well as the issue. There is, in the midst of what detached white middle class people might interpret as bluster, often a profound vulnerability."

To which I say, word mother fucking up!!!! this excerpt right here explodes my energy.

repeat this comment to every list you is on. please, for my sake and anyone who feels this like I do. because I feel this.



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