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Shit Happens Last Thursday about 500 people gathered on the steps of the Argentinan Congress building in Buenos Aires and began throwing carrier bags of their own shit, which they had painstakingly saved for days against the steps of Congress shouting such inspiring slogans as, "Put the shit where it belongs." and "Senators and members of congress - today we shit on you for a change". As a comment on Indymedia Argentina said, "Shit isn't just any object - it's related to whether we eat or starve. What really disgusts us is the government, members of congress and all those who think we will continue to eat shit." * Want to find out more about what's happening in Argentina? Then get along to a SchNEWS public meeting next Monday (11) 8pm Prince Albert, Trafalgar St where will be videos and an eyewitness account and a chance for discussion.
the good word first hand from argentina: i just had a wonderful time hitching through a 150km section of northern argentina which is controled by activists who have kicked the police and army out. The piqueteros are amazing. They've used non-violent direct action to liberate a town of 30,000 people, shutdown oil refineries, and generally kick ass. Also down here the workers have started taking over and running the factories themsleves without bosses or the owners. Also they have all these directly democratic assemblies which are coordinating all the protests against teh economic system, but also they want to scrap represnentivie democracy. Now i-m in bolivia working on starting an imc here... :) Even if the US is ucked up there are some amazing things happening in south america. Who knows if it will become a revolution, but it's the closest thing i've ever seen to one. from a friend with



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