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Enron Gave Taliban $Millions

March 4, 2002

The Enron Corporation gave the Taliban millions of dollars in a
no-holds-barred bid to strike a deal for an energy pipeline in
while the Taliban were already sheltering terror kingpin Osama Bin
Enron executives even met with Taliban officials in Texas, where they
given the red-carpet treatment and promised a fortune if the deal went
That's the bombshell finding of an exclusive ENQUIRER investigation
the collapse of the company that ripped off Americans for millions of
dollars. The ENQUIRER has also uncovered that some of the Enron money
up supporting Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda terrorist network!
"Enron would do business with the devil if it would make the company
money!" said a member of a Congressional committee investigating the
company's collapse.
And Atul Davda, who worked as a senior director for Enron's
Division until the company's collapse, confirmed to The ENQUIRER:
had intimate contact with Taliban officials. Building the pipeline was
of the corporation's prime objectives."
As The ENQUIRER revealed two weeks ago, Enron secretly employed CIA
to carry out its dealings overseas. And a CIA insider disclosed:
"Enron was wooing the Taliban and was willing to make the Taliban a
in the operation of a pipeline through Afghanistan.
"Enron proposed to pay the Taliban large sums of money in a 'tax' on
cubic foot of gas and oil shipped through the pipeline."
Enron shelled out more than $400 million for a feasibility study on the
pipeline and "a large portion of that cost was payoffs to the Taliban,"
said the CIA source.
Shockingly, Enron's wooing of the Taliban continued even after Al Qaeda
agents bombed two American embassies in Africa in 1998, and the
U.S. retaliated with missile attacks on suspected Al Qaeda camps in
Afghanistan and Sudan.
"The U.S. was shooting missiles into Afghanistan, and it was clear that
Taliban were enabling Bin Laden and Al Qaeda," terrorist expert Jeffrey
Steinberg, editor of the Executive Intelligence Review, told The
"Nonetheless the oil companies continued to work behind the scenes to
complete the pipeline deal."
The pipeline project was originally proposed by Unocal Corporation.
And an FBI source told The ENQUIRER: "Enron and Unocal dumped hundreds
millions of dollars into Afghanistan and the Taliban. The pipeline
relieve our dependence on Saudi Arabiaand Enron would make billions.
"When Clinton was bombing Bin Laden camps in Afghanistan in 1998, Enron
making payoffs to Taliban and Bin Laden operatives to keep the pipeline
project alive. And there's no way that anyone could NOT have known of
Taliban and Bin Laden connection at that time, especially Enron who had
agents on its payroll!"
Said an Enron company source, "After the Taliban came to power in 1996,
Tliban leaders were invited to Sugar Land, Texas, by Unocal and Enron
"The Taliban's mullahs were given the royal treatment for four days in
The visit was aimed at getting Taliban cooperation to build the
which would carry vast gas and oil deposits from Uzbekistan and
Turkmenistan. Enron had exclusive contracts with the former Russian
republics, according to another former Enron employee.
The pipeline was to travel through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the
When contacted by The ENQUIRER, U.S. State Department's press officer
South Asian Affairs, Len Scensny, confirmed that a Taliban delegation
visited Sugar Land, Teas, in 1997 to discuss business with oil
Three days after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and
Pentagon, Unocal announced it had withdrawn from the Afghanistan
But the CIA insider said Enron and its CEO Kenneth Lay held on, waiting
the Taliban to give up Bin Laden as the Bush administration was
"Enron figured the Taliban wanted to stick to their deal, that they
riches the same way Enron did.
"What Enron and Ken Lay didn't understand is that it was Bin Laden who
calling the shots, not Enron's Taliban friends.
"Now Enron and the Taliban are both goners!"



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