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Help Defend Korean Workers Web Site Against Police

Korean police try to shut down effective ICEC union website during intensifying struggle.
Dear Friends,

I'm PatchA from Korean Progressive Network, Jinbonet.
Here Korea, The electricity workers struggle is very strong and urgent. Also the government is oppressing the workers strike more forcibly. Today, the police requested the Information & Communication Ethnic Committee (ICEC)
to close the Electricity workers' struggle website. ( - Korean only)

Now the Electrictity workers are struggling against the government's privatization policies. They have continued general strike for 8 days. And the website is very important to the workers for urgent communications. Also the workers are now communicating with their family at the website.

The workers now all gathered in Seoul on February 24th. Now they scattered and hidden in order not to be arrested by the police. The headquarters are stayed at Myungdong Cathedral and tried to negociate with the government.

At the website, media support team (Video, Pictures and text) are now reporting the struggle very actively.

More information about this struggle is (English News) (Korean News) (Struggle Page)

The police said, "The Union has tried to continue this struggle by using the website. The workers are delivered the struggle messages and orders from the headquarters through this website. The police think that this strike is very dangerous. So the police requested to close the workers website."

But the workers request of Anti Privatisation is justified. And also the website is human rights to express workers' thoughts.

Now the website is hosted by Jinbonet.
We are preparing to cope with this danger.

We need to make a mirror website. Can we ask a favor?

Our Technician said to me just now, "we need to make the mirror site on other country's server as soon as possible. The police will shut down the website very quickly. we need several mirror sites.

If the Korean government shuts out outside(outside of Korea) IP address...then we should move other mirror site again and again. It is good that we secure many mirror sites' address outside of Kore"

I already fill the APC RRN system form. This situation is very urgent, so we need many alternatives.

So could you give us an account and website address for this struggle mirror site on your server? Also, Linux / PHP / Mysql , we need.

If you can help up, please let me know as soon as possible.
Now, the struggle website plays a very important role of workers communications.

patcha (at)



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