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Report on the Aug. 2 No War on Iran Demo

On Saturday, August 2, Chicago joined over 50 U.S. cities who demanded NO War on Iraq. Over 200 people from many groups joined in a protest that was only announced less than two weeks ago. Some 10 people from Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice activities participated in a lively way, carrying placards or leafleting or taking up other tasks.

The protest represented a victory against sectarianism and the spirit of unity in action that our movement requires.

Speaker after speaker denounced U.S. government economic sanctions and the threat of boycott against Iran as well as the threat of a direct military attack, one that could well use powerful nuclear weapons. The demonstration expressed a clear analysis of who is responsible for the criminal threats against Iran’s freedom and sovereignty. by marching militantly to Democratic as well as Republican headquarters and the Israeli consulate.

Speaker after speaker denounced all forms of attack on Iran: (1) the escalating economic sanctions designed to strangle Iran economically and politically, and (2) the threats to blockade Iran by stopping ships , plains, trucks and trains in and out of Iran. A blockade is viewed internationally as an act of war. (3) There are the U.S. government threats of a military attack with the U.S. and Israel and there have been joint practice exercises by them for bombing Iran.

Speakers made clear that attacks on African-Americans and immigrants and others domestically, including lack of universal health care insurance are tied in with imperialist attacks and threats launched by the coporate forces against Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Iran. For example, Jorge Mujica, who has helped organized May 1st marches for immigrant rights, pointed out that the government goes so far as to tell immigrants to join the military go get citizenship. A speaker from Chicago Labor Against the War pointed out the important role that workers play, citing the recent refusal of West Coast longshoremen to hand war materiel and similar actions by workers in other countries.

The demonstration was a strong development for the Chicagoland campaign against U.S. and Israeli plans a possible war against Iran. It helps lay the basis for a powerful emergency response if the U.S. government or its client state, Israel, launches a military strike against Iran-- with a protest at 5 p.m. that day at Federal Plaza, and again at 5 p.m. the day after.

After upcoming actions, such as at the Democratic and Republican conventions, how about preparing to plan or participate in a local action on October 11, the anniversary of the Congress giving Bush a blank check for illegally and unjustly attacking Iraq? There will be actions in many other U.S. cities. An open planning meeting is now scheduled for Saturday, September 13 at 2 p.m. at 8th Day Center for Justice.



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