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Come Support the Schmude Family on 3/7/02

Support the Schmude family, whose son was killed by police.
On May 5, 2000 three Cook County sheriffs beat inmate Louis Schmude so bad that he died a couple days later. In a rare case where murdering cops are put on trial for their crimes, the cops that killed Schmude are on trial for first degree murder.
The Judge has been flagrantly biased in favor of the cops on trial, and often it has seemed that Louis Schmude is the one on trial, as the cops’ lawyers defame their victim’s character. Meanwhile, a crucial witness for Schmude’s side has died under mysterious circumstances.
The family needs support in court. Tomorrow, 3/7/02, is likely to be the end of the trial. When the trial ends, the family will hold a press conference outside 26th and California’s courthouse in order to make a statement. Any groups opposing police brutality which are at court supporting the family are welcome to make a statement at the press conference.
Court starts at 11 am on the 4th floor of 26th and California, in Judge Himmel’s courtroom. Members of the Stolen Lives Project will arrive around 11 am, but may not be able to stay the length of the day due to the fact that we have to go to work at some point. If you come while we are there, we will be happy to introduce other activists to the family. If you arrive after we have left, the family is very friendly and you shouldn’t be shy about introducing yourself.
Matt—Stolen Lives Project



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