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It is about time to call a spade and spade...
If there is one thing the American War Of Terrorism has proven is the fact that the American people are morally and politically bankrupt.

Much like the citizens of the Roman Empire or the Third Reich, the citizens of the American Empire have supported America's bloody crusades around the world, with very little complaint or dissent.

If popular opinion polls are to believed, upwards of 80% of the American people support the current "War Of Terror" with only half-hearted and ineffectual protest at best

The vast majority of Americans refuse to face the truth of what much of the world already understands: America's War of Terror has nothing to do with fighting Terrorism and everything to do with advancing American geo-strategic conquest of the world. In short, a global American Reich.

The American Empire has murdered untold thousands of people in Afghanistan and elsewhere, all the while self-righteously demonizing Iran, Iraq, and North Korea as "Evil" no less.

This is truly a world gone mad that the most ruthless and exploitative Empire in human history--the USA--points its finger and calls someone else evil.

Indeed, by any moral or political measure, it is America that is the greatest force of Evil on this planet--even as it masquerades under the mask of righteous. Even as it appropriates and hijacks the rhetoric of Democracy, Freedom, and Human Rights as a disgusting political cover for global aggression.

Ultimately, it is the American people who are responsible for their overt and tacit support of their Leaders' bloodthirsty policies. And ultimately, it is history which will condemn all Americans as guilty.

NO wonder that Americans are so despised and hated around the world.

No amount of media spin doctoring from your "Free Press" can disguise this fact.

No amount of Hollywood style lies or feel-good Patriotic propaganda can wash away the blood you have spilled.

No amount of public opinion manipulation by your Ministry of Truth will allow you to disguise the bankruptcy of your "Democracy," your twisted values, and your "civilization" itself.

And no military power on earth will protect you from the terrible fate which you so rightfully deserve...



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