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Tales from the Hood

The Coalition for Fair Community Development will host an afternoon of performances, video and speakers on Saturday March 23 from 1 to 4 p.m. The event at Roosevelt University, 430 S. Michigan, will examine Chicago's housing crisis and the rising cost of housing, its effect on individuals and communities and what you can do about it.
The Coalition for Fair Community Development presents "Tales from the Hood" an afternoon of performance, video and speakers. The program will start at 1 p.m. at Roosevelt University (430 s. Michigan) in the Congress Lounge.

The event examines from many different perspectives Chicago's housing crisis. The uncontroled development overtaking many of our communities has caused the cost of housing to dramatically increase over the past years. This rising cost of housing has forced many individuals to move. Our communities are suffering as a result. The very existence of many communities are being threatened by forces of gentrification.

The event will feature housing stories from different immigrant communities from a recently released compilation of immigrant voices put out by Coalition of African, Asian, European and Latino Immigrants of Illinois. Teatro Callejero and 15 Stories High Youth Ensemble will perform skits depicting housing crisis in their neighborhoods. The House of Daniel Choir will add their voices to the mix. Sisi Donald Mosby, former Chicago Defender photojournalist, and Jose Lopez, Puerto Rican Cultural Center will examine and analyze Chicago's Housing Crisis.

The afternoon will be followed by questions and discussion about how we can build a movement to challenge the City's unfair development policies. The cost for the afternoon's event is $5 though no will be turned away. For more information pleae call the Coalition for Fair Community Development at 773-292-4980 x 224



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