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DuPage County Janitors Given the Grinch Treatment

Seven pro-union janitors were fired by Elite Maintenance after that company took over the account to clean the DuPage Government Complex. SEIU Local 1 has filed unfair labor practice charges and is asking people call DuPage County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom to protest this union busting.
Recently, seven janitors were illegally fired by Elite Maintenance. These seven janitors worked to clean the DuPage County Government Complex in Wheaton, including the Courthouse where the law is upheld daily, were fired illegally and in total disregard for the rights of the janitors under the law.

Elite took over the account to clean the DuPage Government Complex on November 24th and proceeded to show that it had no respect for the law. Elite owners immediately began to intimidate and harass the janitors about their desire to have Local 1 represent them.

They cut the janitors wages by $ 1.00 per hour, from $7.50 to $6.50 an hour and tried to intimidate the janitors into working overtime with no pay. Finally, when the janitors wore union teeshirts to work, the owner of Elite Maintenance fired seven of the janitors for supporting their union.

Now the janitors are without a job - many have children and with Christmas around the corner it has created many hardships for the workers. Local 1 has filed unfair labor practice charges against Elite with the National Labor Relations Board. We cannot stand by when an employer is so blatant in violating the law and cutting janitors wages.

DuPage County should send a message loud and clear that there is no tolerance for law breakers in the DuPage Government Complex. Please call the DuPage County Board Chairman, Robert Schillerstrom, at (630) 682-7282 and tell him that there should be no room for law breakers in DuPage County.

--From SEIU Local 1’s Justice for Janitors 2000 Community Update, December 15, 2000



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