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squatting report from bremen germany

on the 16th of februrary round about 50 people squat a big house in middle of the city in bremen. the police evicted this great house on the 1st of march. they arrested 20 people but after a few hours they were released.
the fight still goes on, cause there are a lot of empty houses waiting for us.
on the 16th of februrary round about 50 people squat mansion (a really nice looking big house)in the middle of the city of bremen. the neighbours were really happy about the situation. cause this nice house was unused for a long time and the squatters started to repair the house. so the neighbours really liked the squatters and spent them energy or power, or money or furniture a.s.o.. the media was writing also only good things about the squatters. it was really disgusting cause nobody of the squatters did expect it. everybody thought, that they squat the house and the police evict the house a few hours later. but it was a squat for two weeks until the police evicted the house.
so the squatters saw, that there a many people who supports
the squatterscene and in bremen are many empty houses waiting for the squatters. on the last spontan demonstration you saw, that the poeple are totally motivated to fight for the houses!!!!!



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