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In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

16 February 2002
With the grace of Allah the Qassam Brigades declare responsibility for the missile bombing with Qassam-2 missiles of the Zionist settlement complex in Palestinian lands occupied since 1948 to the east of steadfast Gaza city on Saturday 4th Thul Hijja 1422H – 16/2/2002Ad at 6.15 am. Our Palestinian people … our Arab and Islamic Ummah:
The Qassam Brigades declare responsibility for the missile bombing this
morning and affirm the following:

1- Firing Qassam-2 missiles at early morning hours and not at noon and in
open areas came as a retaliatory warning to the Zionist criminals over their
criminal bombardment of our people with warplanes and tanks the latest of
which was Friday night and this morning along with the constant insults,
murder, destruction, displacement and detention of our people.

2- Zionist criminals should only blame themselves if they continue to commit
crimes believing that no reprisal would be made. They know quite well what a
missile could do amidst houses in the morning hours as they have seen for
themselves today, a matter that we had avoided till now.

3- The Qassam-2 missile is a deterrent weapon and it is Palestinian made. We
are proud of it and it is not mere fireworks as Zionist agents try to picture to
discourage Palestinian resistance. The missile is intended to serve the Palestine
cause and not a certain party.

“And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most
among mankind know it not.”

And it is a Jihad until either victory or martyrdom

Qassam Brigades
4th Thul Hijja 1422H



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