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New Activist Method Launched! GLOBAL INVISIBLE THEATRE is here!

Optative Theatrical Laboratories is proud to launch a new activist technique! By using the theatrical theories of Brecht, Boal, Derrida, Débord and others, it is now possible to combat corporations, governments, and other oppressors by turning the tables and beating them at their own game! Check out for details!

GLOBAL INVISIBLE THEATRE is here, and it is a game ANYONE can play to fight hegemony and oppression, on any level. All you need is a pair of coloured glasses and some imagination. Visit our site at for more details. Be warned that although the technique is simple, there is a lot of theory behind it. Visiting the site in one go will not accomplish much. Bookmark it, and take your time – there is a lot of reading, and interaction that should take place before you get the hang of it. There is no rush.

Optative Theatrical Laboratories welcomes you to join in our endeavour to make the 21st Century the time when mastery is changed into fellowship – on a global scale. Leave us a message on our board…



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