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Third episode of the story of the band against music corporations and copyright power. Download the CD for free! Great news from this music liberation front. How to organize a tour of your favourite band, without giving money to the booking agencies...
First, the good news: wonderful people of Open Book Project made us very proud and happy, dedicating us an entire page on their site (go to; a marvellous group in Toronto offered us an advertising free web space on their webservers, so we will change our address, soon.
More, lots of local or campus radio stations are transmitting our music, freely downloaded from our site, not needing to have the cd. This is fantastic also for the fact that our tunes are about 8 minutes long each, so it's not so easy for any dj to use one of them. Thanks for let us be aware, when some radio plays our tunes, the fact that somebody likes our songs make us walk flying one meter over the floor! Maybe there will be a pair of interviews, but the name of the stations is top secret for the moment.
Thank you Jim for telling us about the fine article James D. Armstrong, Jr. wrote on JazzNow site about us (, and thank you mr.Armstrong we love you!
Paula, Jason, Mike, Martina, Frida, and the others I'm forgetting now, from all over the world: your home made "official CV t-shirts" are wonderful, we will publish you photo on our site, one of these days.
Second, the how-to-organize-a-tour info.
On july we will have one one-week-tour in north Europe organized this way: there are five groups (two university association, one high school, one club of jazz enthusiasts, and one anarchist association) in different places, far about 200 kilometres each other, that decided to share the travelling expenses, and we accepted to be guests in their houses during the tour (se they will not spend money for hotel). They have put together the money of the people interested to listen to us, and actually they have enough to pay us, for rent an hall and instruments for any of the concerts! They will record our gigs and make a CD from it (they know they don't have to pay us for this), to gain some extra money for their associations. Talking about our rates (as you asked for): actually we are launching Chaussette Verte, so for this year a week of our gigs will cost just Euro 3.000,00 for one five-days-week (plus taxes, travelling expenses, board and lodging, stage instruments and amplification).
Not too dear, isn't it?
Coming soon with new incredible adventures



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