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"A Tribute to Working Families"

"A Tribute to Working Families"
I would personally like to dedicate a complete new set of
Slide Shows, Screen Savers, and Streaming Video to
all of my fellow union brothers and sisters, fellow activists,
the Democratic Party, the hispanic community,
the AFL-CIO, USWA, and all of those who have clearly chosen
a course in life to be "Defenders of the Faith".....

USWA Washington D.C. Rally 02/28/02

Rod Blagojevich & SMWIA 73 Rally 03/01/02

Rod Blagojevich Joliet Rally 03/02/02

These resources are also available at the following locations:

Please be sure to tell your friends !

In Solidarity, Union YES !
Bob :)

Blagojevich for IL Governor:
Free Labor Related E-Mail Addresses
Video Reports:



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